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07593 607130
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Local Norwich Based Plumber

Call us today for your all your plumbing needs

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Emergency Callout Plumber
FIXED £90 inc VAT for 1st Hour*
*Most work completed within the hour


When your waterworks go wrong in your home, there is often a risk of potentially serious water damage. We understand you need someone who can react to the emergency immediately, get the job done and get it right first time around So no need to look any further – call Fixed Price today and we will duly help.


Nothing is as inconvenient, or mucky, as a blocked toilet. Even when the mess gets cleared away, it’s often difficult to know what’s caused the problem. Fortunately, whether your blockage is internal or external, we can get it sorted for you as quickly as possible, so give us a call and we will do the messy work for you


If you have a plumbing problem that needs solving, whether it's a change of taps, a blockage in your drains, a new toilet installed or even an emergency situation, then don't delay and give us a call today and we will get someone over to you as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you




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Call us on 07593 607130 to book your appointment

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07593 607130 / 01603 612126
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Local Norwich Based Plumber

5 Star Service

Call today for all your plumbing needs
07593 607130
01603 457826

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Quality Bathrooms Supplied & Fitted at Trade Prices
Call now on
07593 607130
01603 457826


When your waterworks go wrong in your home, there is often a risk of potentially serious water damage. I understand that you need someone who can react to the emergency immediately, get the job done & get it right first time around, so no need to look any further – call Fixed Price today & I will duly help with your problem.

I can get to your home quickly & I cover all sorts of plumbing work, from fixing burst pipes to tap replacements & full bathroom suite installations.

All of my work is fully guaranteed, therefore no payment is needed until the work has been fully completed. My rates are extremely competitive & I won't be beaten on price.

Call me today on 07593 607130 or 01603 457826

Bathroom Installation & Repair

As a friendly & professional plumber, I can fix everything from a leaking sink or bath, to a broken tap. I can also supply & fit new bathrooms, showers & washrooms. I also install bathroom suites that you have already purchased. Call today for further information & I will happily answer any questions

Shower Installation & Repair

As a shower installation expert, I can install a range of showers. I can supply the shower for you or install a shower you have already purchased. I can also look to fix your existing shower, should there be a problem. Call now & I will fix your existing shower, or fit your brand new shower today

Tap Installation & Repair

I am a highly skilled & extremely friendly plumber who can repair all aspects of tap problems, whether it be a broken washer, corrosion, dripping taps or a gushing leak. I also provide & install new kitchen sink, bath & basin taps. Call me now for a fast response & I will resolve your issue ASAP.

Leaking & Blocked Toilets

As an expert plumber, I specialise in repairing all types of toilet faults & leaks, such as broken valves, cracked cisterns, damaged float valves & leaking inlet pipes. More often than not, repairs are completed within the hour, getting you & your home back to normal ASAP. Call today & I will be only too happy to help you

Leaking Pipework

Skilled plumbers have extensive experience in fixing all types of pipe problems, as do I – whether they be minor or major leaks, cracks or general damages. You can rely on me to be with you as quickly as possible to expertly locate & repair any hidden or visible leaks. Call me today & I will do the rest to get you back to normality

Sink Repair & Installation

As a friendly & professional plumber, I can fix & repair a multitude of issues with your sink, whether it be dripping taps, slow or no flow, cracked basins, a clogged drain or leaking pipes. I can also repair any problems with kitchen sinks, such as repairing or replacing a sink trap or a mixer tap. Call now to find out more

What to do when there’s a leak?

Don’t let leaks wreak havoc in your home

A burst water pipe can feel like the end of the world, especially when you have water flooding through the ceiling & you can’t find the source. Don’t panic. I’ve put together a brief guide outlining what to do if you find yourself ankle-deep in an unwelcome puddle.

How to find your stop valve…

Your stop valve is nearly always in a room where water will be used, & it’s normally on the ground floor.

Quite often the valve will be in the kitchen or bathroom, but don’t forget to check the garage if it’s attached to the house.

If you have an internal water meter, then the valve will be on the pipe going into the meter.

Renovated houses sometimes have stop valves hidden behind cupboards, under floorboards or boxed into strange places. If your home is renovated, make sure you have some tools handy in case you need to get to it in a hurry.

Turning off the water

Chances are, your stop valve is a metal tap that you can turn off by rotating it clockwise until it’s completely closed. Don’t force your stop valve if it’s stiff – just spray a little WD40 on the spindle to free it up.

It’s also a good idea to turn your stop valve a quarter to the right, & then a quarter back again, every six months to stop it seizing up.

Limit the damage

If you can’t turn off the water supply, then the next step is damage control:

Turn off all electricity at the fuse board.

Grab a bucket & place it under the leak to catch the water.

If it’s a minor pipe leak, grab a towel & wrap it around the pipe to soak up the water.

It’s possible to limit the amount of water spraying out by reducing the pressure in the system, turn on the taps in your house to release some of that pressure.

If it’s an isolated leak…

Then turning off your isolation valves will be just as effective. They control the water supply to washing machines, dishwashers, taps, electric showers & toilet cisterns; & if you use one of these to cut off a leak, then you won’t need to go without water in the rest of your home.

Dishwashers & washing machines

Isolation valves for dishwashers & washing machines are usually small, plastic taps, often located behind the machine on the pipework, or on the hose leading to it. Carefully turn the tap 90 degrees anti-clockwise to cut off the water supply – but be careful not to force it, because if you snap it off, turning it back on can be difficult.

Taps & toilets

Are you looking down at an overflowing toilet? Are you staring at water gushing out of your taps? It’s okay, you can turn off the isolation valves & cut the water supply using a flat-head screwdriver, a coin or a knife. Again, turn the valve 90 degrees so that it’s now across the direction of the pipe.

Call 07593 607130 / 01603 457826 to book your appointment

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07593 607130 / 01603 457826
Beatrice Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 4BB

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