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07593 607130
01603 612126
Local Norwich Based Plumber

Call us today for your all your plumbing needs

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Emergency Callout Plumber
FIXED £90 inc VAT for 1st Hour*
*Most work completed within the hour


When your waterworks go wrong in your home, there is often a risk of potentially serious water damage. We understand you need someone who can react to the emergency immediately, get the job done and get it right first time around So no need to look any further – call Fixed Price today and we will duly help.


Nothing is as inconvenient, or mucky, as a blocked toilet. Even when the mess gets cleared away, it’s often difficult to know what’s caused the problem. Fortunately, whether your blockage is internal or external, we can get it sorted for you as quickly as possible, so give us a call and we will do the messy work for you


If you have a plumbing problem that needs solving, whether it's a change of taps, a blockage in your drains, a new toilet installed or even an emergency situation, then don't delay and give us a call today and we will get someone over to you as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you




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Call us on 07593 607130 to book your appointment

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07593 607130 / 01603 612126
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Local Norwich Based Plumber

5 Star Service

Call today for all your plumbing needs
07593 607130
01603 457826

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Blocked drains, toilets & sinks cleared fast!
Call now on
07593 607130
01603 457826


Do you have a drain blockage that's causing you problems in your home or business?

Nothing is quite as messy – or inconvenient - as a blocked toilet. Even when the mess is cleared away, it’s often difficult to know what has caused the problem. Fortunately, whether your blockage is external, or located internally within a downpipe, toilet, sink, bath, shower or washing appliance pipe, I will get it sorted for you as quickly & conveniently as possible.

Call me today on 07593 607130 or 01603 457826

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can cause a varying degree of problems; as well as being a constant hindrance, they can result in unpleasant smells & may put you at risk of flooding. It's sometimes hard to determine what the cause of the obstruction is & where it's located. However, as an expert engineer, I specialise in clearing & repairing all sorts of blockages. I will be able to mend the problem quickly & effectively

Blocked Toilet

Having a blockage in your toilet is more than just an inconvenience, it can also be hazardous & could potentially result in leaks & overflowing. A blocked toilet is always an annoying & extremely inconvenient problem. However, I will be able to attend your home & take care of the issue in minimal time, getting you, your toilet & your home back to normal

Blocked Bath

Are you avoiding a relaxing bath due to a blockage resulting in the water not draining away? A blockage in the bath results in the water not draining away efficiently, or not even draining away at all. I specialise in clearing & repairing all types of blockages – whether chemicals, rodding or plunging is required, I will be able to fix the problem quickly & effectively, giving you back a relaxing bath

Blocked Sink

A blocked sink can be an extreme annoyance, as well as a potential hazard to you & your family's health, & nobody wants that. There are many reasons that a sink can become clogged up, so leave it to me to investigate the cause & unblock it effectively for you, leaving you with a free flowing sink & peace of mind. I aim to clear the majority of blockages within the hour

Blocked Shower

It is extremely important that water from the shower is able to drain away fast & freely. Blocked drains & pipework can begin to prevent your shower water draining away in the correct manner, if at all - & no one likes standing in dirty shower water! As a professional specialist, I will ensure that the blockage is cleared quickly & effectively, getting your shower back to normal in no time at all

Blocked Pipes

Blocked pipes can cause you endless stress & annoyance. Pipes can become blocked for numerous reasons &, depending on the cause & location, they are not always simple to clear. As a specialist, I will be able to mend the problem quickly & effectively, as well as offer advice & guidance in order to minimise the possibility of further blockages in the future

Call 07593 607130 / 01603 457826 to book your appointment

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07593 607130 / 01603 457826
Beatrice Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 4BB

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